I am currently working on a series of landscapes of the Trent Valley Washlands. Although this is not a charismatic landscape, it is nevertheless one which, with it big skies, can have dramatic moods. It is also potentially vulnerable to change though development such as gravel extraction, and so I also want to record it's transformation.

Footpath near Barton in Fabis (oil on canvas, 150cm x 100cm)

This a view of Ratcliffe Power Station on a cold January morning (oil on canvass, 80cm x 60cm)

Maize stubble in autumn (oil on canvas, 70cm x 50cm)

Sheep on flood-bank, the 2019 floods (oil on canvas, 60cm x 20 cm)

Dark morning, the 2019 floods (oil on canvas, 60cm x 20cm)

Storm over Gotham Hill, 2020 (oil on board, 84cm x 59cm)

Barton Island, 2022 (Oil on canvas, 75cm x 50cm)