This is a collagraph print produced from an original acrylic ink sketch (see below). The sketch was done rapidly at a life session with the model moving through a series of poses with samurai swords. The reproduction of the image as a collagraph print adds atmosphere and a greater sense of movement. The print was made using water based inks.


Another collagraph produced in the same way.

Three of the prints in this series are on exhibition at the University of Nottingham, Lakeside Arts, 2019. 

Three more were on view at the THiNK Meeting Rooms & Art Gallery in 2019. These included one from the series based on riot police.

I am currently working on a series of prints that capture the character of Nottingham's urban landscape. These prints are made from original oil paintings I have made that have then been modified in Photoshop. The prints are available as a limited edition on archive quality paper using Epson inks.

Blue morning (28cm x 28cm)